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Today it is well for all of us to know something about Telepathy, and in the years to come it will become increasingly important for us to be able to consciously employ mental telepathy.

There are many kinds of telepathy and mental telepathy is only one of them. Generally speaking there are three broad classifications of telepathic communication.
These are:

  1. Interior Telepathy, which means the communication which takes place within the individual between his soul and mind, or between his soul mind and brain. This latter is one of the developments we strive for in our Rosicrucian exercises and is referred to as Cosmic Consciousness.
  2. Telepathy between individuals, which is the classification we are going to examine now, and
  3. Telepathy between groups, or between the master and a student group.

The development of telepathic interplay between the soul, mind and brain of the individual is the most direct path to Cosmic Consciousness and is consequently the most important for us as students. However, the techniques involved have been given much attention in our monographs and elsewhere. We, therefore, can pass them by for the present and concentrate upon telepathic communication between individuals. Much false and misleading information has been circulated about tills type of telepathy and as a result many mistaken notions and vague ideas exist concerning it. It is, therefore, necessary to start by examining the basic fundamentals.

There are four types of telepathic communication between individuals.
These are:

  1. Between solar plexus and solar plexus and therefore purely emotional in character.
  2. Between mind and mind
  3. Between soul and soul, and
  4. Between all these three aspects of energy simultaneously which is only possible in the case of very advanced individuals.

The most common form of telepathic communication is, of course, that between the solar plexus centers of two or more individuals. This is sometimes called "instinctive telepathy". It involves radiations from the solar plexus which are transmitted most readily when direct physical contact exists or when the auras of the subjects are in contact and there is a certain amount of interplay between the pranic fluids (or "nous") in their etheric bodies. This type of telepathy rarely occurs at a distance but when it does manifest due to some powerful emotional stimulus, it is transmitted on the astral level, not the mental.

This "Instinctive telepathy" is a type which may be manifested by the undeveloped human being, by the unthinking, non-mental man or woman. It exists between mother and child and is the manner in which the emotional body of the child is created by its parent or parents just as surely as is the physical body. It is found it, the theater, when the star "sways" the audience and makes them laugh or cry. In this case the individuals in the audience exchange emotional reactions with each other in response to the stimulus of the performer and this is one of the reasons why they are so apt to panic if fire or any other danger threatens. It is also this type of telepathy which predominates at the average spiritualistic seance. The people are urged to sit close together sometimes with hands or arms touching and to form a circle. This facilitates the free flow of solar plexus energy from one to the other throughout the group. Their feelings, worries, sorrows and desires become apparent and are introduced as part of the "reading", so called.

This "instinctive telepathy" was the earliest mode of communication which existed between man and man and antedated speech. Originally it concerned itself only with self-preservation and self-reproduction and manifested chiefly as a type of inner sensation. Today we have an outgrowth of this early telepathy manifested in a higher form when we say, "I have a feeling that this is going to happen", or, "I felt you were coming to see me."

The student on the Path is in the process of transmuting or transforming this type of solar plexus sensitivity to a higher stage of feeling and working towards communication from "heart to heart". We often use the phrase, a "heart to heart talk" and this is generally a misnomer. But for some it has become true and it will one day be true for all.

Now we come to the second type of telepathic communication between individuals and that is from mind to mind. It is this form that concerns us most at the present time and which deserves our highest attention, time and energy. At the very outset let it be pointed out that the more thoroughly emotion and feeling and strong desire are eliminated, the more accurate and successful will he the work accomplished. Actually, the strong desire to achieve success in telepathic work, and the fear of failure, are the surest ways to neutralize the very best effort.

Therefore, an attitude of non-attachment or a spirit of "don't care" should be cultivated. This is another way of saying that the attention, or the consciousness, should be focussed in the mind or at least in the brain. This must first be achieved through exercises in concentration and meditation practiced daily over a period of from one to three years. Then and only then will the student be ready for the first steps of mental telepathy.

Today in our race, mental telepathy is becoming increasingly prevalent. Instinctive telepathic work is still the easiest path for most and this possibility must always be watched for and if possible, guarded against. Not that it is wrong or bad but it makes for confusion. The solar plexus is still exceedingly active in most students and therefore the manifestation is usually a mixture of instinctive telepathy and mental telepathy. Frequently the communicator will send a message property via the throat center but the recipient will use the solar plexus. This results in an emotional interpretation of the message not in, the sender's mind or consciousness but solely in the aura of the recipient. For example, the sender may project the word, "hurry" or "make haste", having in mind nothing more than a speeding up in the development of the recipient. The receiver, however, in receiving the message, will correctly apprehend the idea "make haste" but will surround it with all sorts of dire emotional pictures. He will experience a sense of frustration because he is not proceeding faster, he will feel fear that he is failing because he is not fast enough, he will feel resentment at the circumstances which he believes retard his progress, in short he will find himself in a complete emotional turmoil because of the implied urgency in the message "make haste".

Thus you see the problem and the importance of first developing the head center and the mind to a point where it is possible to hold the attention or consciousness in the head and dissolve or drop off all emotional interference. It is only when the centers employed are used consciously and deliberately that we have work which is fruitful of the right type of results. Likewise, both parties to the experiment must be relaxed and ready. If one party is under an emotional strain, he is very apt not to be responsive although his intentions are of the best. Or again if one party is occupied with a mental problem of his own he may be encased in a wall of thought forms completely impervious to any impression.

As you can see from the foregoing, there are many problems and many pitfalls and the cultivation of a form of detachment is most necessary for success. However, let us assume that we are being successful in this and proceed to the next step.

It has been said that a good telepathic inter-relation between two people can only grow through the medium of a constant attitude of reflective thought and a steadfast love for each other. Now "love" here does not mean a personal, physical love but its higher counterpart, spiritual love, which recognizes all personality weaknesses and failings but dismisses them as unimportant in relation to the shining light of the true inner self. These two factors of reflective thought and steadfast love cannot be developed over night and they are not possible between all people. They represent the ideal, the ultimate, but we are only beginning. We must make a start some place and what we need, therefore, is a technique.

The first thing to realize is that in telepathy we are dealing with matter and energy in just the same way as when we construct a steamship or a railroad. True, we deal with a different type of energy and a much finer grade of matter, but they are still matter and energy and obey the laws of matter and energy. Always remember this.

In telepathy we will be dealing with (1) the force of love, (2) the force of mind and (3) the force of "nous" in the following manner:

  1. The force of love attracts the needed material with which to clothe the idea, the thought or the concept to be transmitted, thus producing a coherency in that to be transmitted. You must realize that when you conceive an idea or frame a mental concept you are actually gathering together and compressing into one a portion of the Divine Mind. In order to hold that portion of mind together long enough to be transmitted to another you must encase it in a capsule or compress it together in some way. This is where the force of love is needed and it causes the elements in the idea to be sent to cohere together for a length of time that is in direct proportion to the amount of love force supplied.
    The force of love is also used by the recipient to attract the thought form or idea to himself after it has been created and released by the sender. This is done by the recipient concentrating his own love nature upon the sender. You can see from this bow difficult a mental transmission would he if the slightest dislike or disapproval existed between the sender and recipient. This Is the reason for the great emphasis placed upon love and non-criticism.
  2. The force of mind is necessary to figuratively "light the way" for an idea or thought form to be transmitted and received. Light is a subtle substance and the energy of the mind can materialize upon a beam of light. Herein is the single most important clue to successful telepathic communication. A so-called "line of sight" alignment of the brains and minds of the sender and recipient is necessary. The light of the sender's mind must project like a beam or beacon and upon this ray the idea or message will travel truly to its intended mark. Of course, it is understood that the recipient must exert the magnetic power of love to attract attention, to produce alignment and create an attunement.
  3. The energy of nous or the etheric force of the vital body responds and reacts to the two previous energies as they create a dual impact upon the recipient and causes his brain to first become passive and then gradually awaken into activity in response to the incoming energy. This causes the impression, thought form, word, symbol or message to be swept into the area of the brain's conscious activity and to be realized by the recipient.

Thus, we see that the following technique is necessary. The sender must do three things simultaneously.
He must:

  1. Send out love (not sentiment) to the recipient, consciously visualizing the recipient or the recipient's name if he doesn't know his face.
  2. Polarize himself on the mental level of consciousness by an act of will.
  3. Clothe the idea or message in love and send it forth on a stream of love to his brother who, alert and waiting, will attract it by means of his love for the sender.

The recipient must also do three things simultaneously.
He must:

  1. Send out a stream of love (not sentiment) to the sender.
  2. By an act of will lift his consciousness onto the mental plane and hold it steadily there.
  3. Relax and assume an attitude of indifference, not eagerness. This releases the nous in his own etheric body to be impressed and molded by the incoming thought form.

There you have it. That is the technique, the whole technique. It seems simple --- it is simple. The difficult part is in training the mind, the emotions and the body to play the right part at the right time. This is like learning to paint or to write or to play the piano. It takes time and practice and hard work.

In general, successful telepathic work is dependent upon the following factors:

  1. That there are not barriers between the receiver and broadcaster; barriers such as criticism, suspicion, resentment, or a lack of love or of sympathy.
  2. That the broadcaster occupy himself mainly with the clarity of his sending, with the symbol, word or thought and not with the receiver. A quick glance toward the receiver (mentally), a momentary sending forth of love and understanding is sufficient to set up a rapport and from then on his attention must be on the clarity of his symbol.
  3. That the receiver think with love and affection of the broadcaster for a minute or two, then forget the personality. The thread of energy linking the broadcaster and receiver can then be said to have been established and must be regarded as existing, then forgotten.
  4. That the receiver be truly detached. Many receivers are so anxious to receive correctly that by their very intensity they counteract their own efforts. A casual and "don't care" attitude and an attentiveness to the inner picturing faculty will net far better results than a strong desire to see the symbol and an effort to contact the mind of the sender.
  5. That the brain of the receiver should register the mind content. If a ray of light is met by an outgoing force from the receiver's mind or a powerfully emitted thought form, it will be prevented from reaching the mind. Most early trouble will be with these emitted thought forms on the part of the receiver or in a rush of poorly regulated mental energy or brain radiation. A quiescent attitude must be cultivated and a dispassion which desires nothing for the personal self. The thoughts must be well regulated and nothing, absolutely nothing violent must be allowed to intrude.

Earlier I mentioned a third type of telepathic transmission between individuals. This is from soul to soul. Actually this takes place all the time and between all souls but we are not conscious of it. In order to become conscious of the beauty and wonder of this type of telepathic rapport, we must first learn the techniques of mind to mind telepathy. The human race is ready for this, you are ready for it and can learn it with two or three year's conscientious effort and hard practice. If you set out to do this and are successful you will greatly benefit yourself but what is even more important, you will benefit the whole human race. It is written that in the next 500 years the human race must become telepathically responsive on mental levels. A start must be made some place, some time. I urge you to be pioneers. The rewards are very great.

Quotations from the writings of the Tibetan.

Joseph J. Weed

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